Question: basket bingo

I am organizing a basket bingo fundraiser for our school. I am having trouble coming up with second chance prizes for men does anyone have any ideas?

Asked by sharafields



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lharac writes:
Hi, @sharafields -- Can you give more detail about what level of prizes you need for the second chance prizes -- are they also baskets, or smaller items? As far as general prize ideas that appeal to men, you can go with traditional themes like sports, camping, laser tag, etc. But don't overlook themes with broader appeal, such as cooking lessons or a delivery from a personal chef, being a guest DJ on a local radio station, photography lessons, gourmet dessert, etc. We have a guide with loads of auction item ideas (free with registration), you might find more to spark your imagination in here:

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LStarr77 writes:
I used gift cards, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, ITunes, Local Fast Food places, ect.

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teachme writes:
One of the best ways to manage a fundraiser is with We have used this program for years and strongly recommend their product. They have a free trial anyone can take a test drive before they decide!

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