Question: New PTO Board Member refuses to sign Bylaws

New term for most Executive Board Members so the Bylaws were updated. ALL Executive Board Members signed the new Bylaws with the exception of one. As President, what are my options with this one member?

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi there,

Is this person just outright refusing? I think it's reasonable for you to directly ask why this is an issue. Check they bylaws themselves to see if there's any language around requiring everyone's signature. Technically the bylaws are approved when the group votes to approve them. So, barring any language in the bylaws that specifically addresses the signatures, you should be able to move forward.


Community Advice

gjcoram writes:
I've never signed by-laws in the 3 PTOs I've been in. One did have a conflict of interest policy that we asked officers to sign. But as Rose said, the by-laws are approved by a vote, not by signatures of the board.

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