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The ULTIMATE Donation List

11 years 9 months ago #161725 by Laura
Replied by Laura on topic Re:The ULTIMATE Donation List

GREAT ideas! Thanks!

One other question....I solicited a donation from a local company and they asked me to send them our 'donation form'. I guess a form that they can fill out which states what they are giving us, the value of hte item, etc. I looked on the file exchagned but didn't see anything. Anyone have one they can send me? or point me in the right direction of where to look on this site?

Thanks again! Keep those suggestions coming!
11 years 9 months ago #161724 by Ninja4Good
Hi Laura,

I am always looking for other options for donations. I have been successful with getting items sponsored or donated from unconventional companies, both large and small. Companies like Janitorial Services, CPA Firms, Law Firms, and Real Estate companies may not have a particular item or certificate that they could donate, but they can sponsor an item or even purchase an item to donate to your auction. I have been able to receive a laptop from a Law Firm, a Flat screen TV from an Upholstery Shop, and a large wine basket from a Real Estate Agent to name a few. They may not donate annually but you will increase your list of future contacts.

Looking for a Corporate Sponsor that will partner with us is our highest priority, so do some research and find some strong, local companies that would be interested in sponsoring the school long term. It benefits the company, the school and your community.

Hope this helps! Good luck!
11 years 9 months ago #161723 by Laura
Replied by Laura on topic Re:The ULTIMATE Donation List
Ceciliaky: Thanks!! This is great news. I lost sleep over this last night! Crazy, right?

Anonymous: Thank you! Good to know! Everyone is so helpful.

Back on topic....
I think I am tapped out of places to solicit. I picked through EVERY page of this thread. Anyone have any new suggetsions or forums to check out? This one has been incredible and I'm sure hard to beat, but looking for some fresh ideas.
We are holding a Fitness Fun Night and are trying to put togeher silent auction items so I'm thinking: Ski packages, golf, etc. We are in the Pittsburgh area. Any other suggetsions would be helpful. I'm happy to share anything new I've come across but I haven't! : (
11 years 9 months ago #161722 by CeciliaKy
Replied by CeciliaKy on topic Re:The ULTIMATE Donation List
Laura --

You do not have to have non-profit status to apply for Disney. They have a separate application for public schools.
11 years 9 months ago #161720 by anonymous
Replied by anonymous on topic Re:The ULTIMATE Donation List

You check if your organization is registered as a 501(c)(3) org on the IRS web site. Go to the IRS main web page. Enter "Search for Charities" in the search box at the top. The first result is "Exempt Organizations Select Check". Click on that... Enter your tax ID and it will tell you if your org is registered.

You can then request a new letter verifying your status. I also needed a replacement of our 501(c) determinations letter. I was able to get one sent to me as follows.

I called (877) 829-5500 (toll-free number). After answering automated prompts ( I always pressed "4" for " all other calls") I got a real person. I said that I needed a replacement of my 501(c) determination letter. I was asked my Fed ID# and my org's Name and address. The agent told me she could mail an affirmation letter that includes all info necessary for anyone needing proof of tax exempt status. (this is free and takes 10-14 bus days)

Hope this helps!
11 years 9 months ago #161718 by Rose H
Hi Kelly Faulkner

Welcome to Ultimate Donation List. I think the vendor list you are referring to is on this page:

Just click on that link and it should take you to the list.

Also, we have a new search box on this thread that can help you find information about specific vendors.

Good luck with your auction!

Rose C
Community Manager
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