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The ULTIMATE Donation List

11 years 4 months ago #161782 by Lorraine
Replied by Lorraine on topic Re:The ULTIMATE Donation List
Thanks to all for your help with the disclaimer. I really appreciate it.
11 years 5 months ago #161776 by Ninja4Good
Thank you Rose and Omahamom! This thread and site have been very helpful, so I'm just trying to return the favor. ;)

I'm sorry Lorraine. I searched for the disclaimer that we have but I could not find it. It is on a sheet that was produced by our Development Department. If I have luck finding it I will post it. Until then, I'm waiting for it to be emailed to me.

Good luck everyone.
11 years 5 months ago #161775 by ScrapGoddess
Replied by ScrapGoddess on topic Re:The ULTIMATE Donation List
@Lorraine -- here is the wording we use for our disclaimer:

"Please Note: We cannot be responsible for transportation of gifts, anyone going out of business, or typographical errors. Please use all gift certficates as soon as possible, as many do have expiration dates."

11 years 5 months ago #161771 by omahamom
@ Rose
I 2nd Ninja4Good "You Rock!" Thank you your invaluable information! Thank you to everyone!

We just concluded our Silent Auction this past Friday night. Whew! I am so burned out, but excitedly awaiting the $$$ amounts.

My co-chairs and I are meeting with the person in charge of the $$$'s tomorrow @ 12:45 pm cst. Will post results and thoughts, ideas etc..soon.

Thank you again.

11 years 5 months ago #161767 by jandrv1

This past year, in all of my letters I sent to people/companies that I know they send gift certificates, I put a SASE in with it. I would say about 1/2 used them.

11 years 5 months ago #161764 by Rose H

You rock! Thanks for sharing such helpful information on this thread. You're helping lots of people!

Thank you !

Rose C.
Community Manager
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