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11 years 5 months ago #162404 by Lynn
Replied by Lynn on topic Re:2013 ULTIMATE DONATION LIST
Yes, I ran into the same thing. We are a Catholic school and had trouble and to no avail, we could not get a donation from Green Mountain Coffee, because our Tax exempt ID was not validated and our NCES number was not 12 digits. Private School NCES numbers are only 8 digits. Green Mountain Coffee would not compromise on this. I was in contact with them and even though our NCES is able to be found on the NCES system through the link on the Green Mountain website as a valid number, Green Mountain's donation form only allows 12 digit numbers in order for the form to process.

Through the 2012 thread grading Green Mountain Coffee, it seems that they are no longer donating machines, but are donating coffee instead. Maybe a local coffee shop will donate coffee. If you have your heart set on a Keurig, be sure to look for sales and when Keurig has their rebates. We purchased some machines for a really good deal at Kohl's with 30% off the price (that was already on sale too) and Keurig was having a $30 rebate and it shipped for free. The machine also comes with a variety pack of coffee too. The rebate amount differed depending on the machine.

We have class baskets and send a note home requesting if parents know anyone who may donate an items for the proposed baskets for the auction or any items/services to be used as a silent auction item. We also send an envelope asking if parents could contribute towards their class basket. This allows parents to choose what they are able to donate. Every little bit helps. Best of luck.
11 years 5 months ago #162403 by Melissa
Replied by Melissa on topic Re:2013 ULTIMATE DONATION LIST
I'm trying to request a donation from Green Mountain Coffee. I have tried both my tax id number and my NCES school id and neither works when I hit the validate button. Has anyone else run into this?

11 years 5 months ago #162402 by chixbaby27
Just thought I would list a few that I have received from in the last 2 months...most are listed in the post above, but I thought someone might be interested to know the ones that are definitely still sending (or were as of a few weeks ago).

We received:

Paula Deen ~ an autographed cook book

American Girls ~ Doll of the Year with book (Saige) ~ my 6 year old daughter is already begging me for this one and the auction isn't til April, LOL!

Disney World ~ 4 Disney Park Hopper tickets

Redbox ~ 25 free rentals

Green Mountain Coffee ~ 6 bags of coffee (we are going to put 2 packs plus a nice travel mug in a basket, so this is 3 items for the auction)

Stampin' Up ~ a box of scrapbook supplies

Atlanta Zoo ~ 4 passes

Gymboree ~ gift card for $25

And we are getting things in without notice, including the Paula Deen, the Redbox, the Green Mountain Coffee, the Atlanta Zoo and Gymboree. We got a letter in the mail from American Girl the day before we got the doll, and got an email from Stampin' Up and Disney World letting us know we would be receiving a donation.

Hope this helps!
11 years 5 months ago #162398 by Cathi
Replied by Cathi on topic Re:2013 ULTIMATE DONATION LIST
Wow what great information. This is my second year doing a silent auction for our elementary home and school. Last year I depended on mostly local business since the job was dropped in my lap at the last minute leaving many of my opportunities too late to inquire. I found that local businesses were very generous, received over $6000 in donations. Just spent a couple of beautiful days pounding the pavement. Also like to add if it is a elementary school function fundraiser, a good start is local daycares and summer camps. These are hot ticket items at our auction.
11 years 5 months ago #162359 by CLTGoodWife
Just added Red Box & Total Wine & More
11 years 5 months ago #162308 by juliette Low
This is wonderful thank you!
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