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2014 Ultimate Donation List

9 years 7 months ago #166130 by amoon
Here's the link Gaye: You need to have your request in at least 2 months prior to your event and there are several other criteria (501c3, locale determines the park your request is assigned against, etc.) - I believe they are all listed on that page.
9 years 7 months ago #166129 by Gaye
Replied by Gaye on topic Re:2014 Ultimate Donation List
Thanks Susan--the only problem is . . . I can no longer find the link to the Disney World site--only Disneyland. Would you share if you have it? Many thanks!
9 years 7 months ago #166125 by Susan
Replied by Susan on topic Re:2014 Ultimate Donation List
You go to the online Disney application. You create an account and fill out their form at least 60 days in advance of your event.
9 years 7 months ago #166124 by Gaye
Replied by Gaye on topic Re:2014 Ultimate Donation List
Katie and Amber--

What did you do to get the Disney World passes? How much lead time is required?

Thanks for any help you can give me!

9 years 7 months ago #166120 by donationmatch
Hi Karen,

I've found a lot of great ideas on Pinterest:

You might look at the "Dine & Dash" display ideas... there are several on that board. Rather than auctioning off the cards, they are often sold successfully for face value.

Bundling gift cards in baskets introduces the risk of them being "buried" and not noticed. Also, businesses tend to prefer not to be bundled if they provide items of significant-enough value and popularity to stand on their own.

I hope this helps!
- Renee
9 years 7 months ago #166118 by KarenVan
I can’t find anything about how people display gift cards for a silent auction to bring the most return. In previous years, our auction committee has put all of the gift cards together on one or two tables with descriptions in Lucite picture frames, then the gift baskets were on the rest of the tables. I am wondering if it is better to inter-disburse them among the gift baskets? Does anyone have any opinions they’d like to share? Thank you!

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