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2014 Ultimate Donation List

9 years 8 months ago #166070 by fundraiser mom
Replied by fundraiser mom on topic Re:2014 Ultimate Donation List
Smitty - Is your booster club a 501c3 organization? If not, there's no way to obtain that # without that IRS certification. If you are a separate entity than the school you may not be able to use the school's 501c3 number bc it's their # and they can, potentially, lose their 501c3 designation letting you use their # (regardless that you are using it in good faith) - so I'd suggest avoiding going that route. If the school PTA has their own # they can solicit donations on their own. Perhaps local children's sports clubs (football, softball, soccer, etc. might donation the registration $ for one season - thought that typically only works if you have a limited # of schools in your district otherwise they'd be giving it out).

Like Mc Kenna mentioned, most local businesses will be fine w/o the number and won't ask for it (car washes, salons, restaurants, etc.). Try local music stores who give lessons, a local golf course &/or golf pro, local skating rinks and bowling alleys, Zumba or yoga classes, kayak rentals, local ski resort, etc, etc. etc. ,) Larger, more national chains often require that 501c3 # (and check to verify your organization's status) and not the state tax exempt form. Some actually also require a copy of the actual IRS letter confirming that an organization has the 501c3 status (I have to submit this to a few companies annually as part of my donation request). Good luck
9 years 8 months ago #166068 by tarad
Replied by tarad on topic Re:2014 Ultimate Donation List
I am working on donations for our fall festival without a 501c3 and have only had a handful of companies say no because of that. I send our tax exempt letter when asked for a 501 and for the most part, that has worked with both local and national companies.
9 years 8 months ago #166067 by footballmom
Replied by footballmom on topic Re:2014 Ultimate Donation List
hi guys! first, this thread is amazing! thank you so much for the help! does anyone have a request letter for a football team? we are having a silent auction and raffle at our annual football homecoming game. the letters that i have seen are not really suitable for a football team! Thanks!
9 years 8 months ago #166061 by McKenna
Replied by McKenna on topic Re:2014 Ultimate Donation List

If you don't have a 501c3 number, I can't think of any national businesses that will donate - I believe they all require it. Can you use the school's number, since you are fundraising for them?

Otherwise, all is not lost, but will require you to really research your local area. Think of all the local businesses that you frequent and ask them - car washes, restaurants (especially non-chain ones, as they won't have to go through corporate), etc. Also, look at the parent population at your school and see if they could donate a few hours of their professional time. Maybe a tax accountant, landscaper, masseuse? It is easier in many ways to have a 501c3 number, but you can still get some great donations. Good luck!
9 years 8 months ago #166057 by Rose H
Hi everyone, We had a post recently about the amount of time needed to plan an auction. We posted the question on our Facebook page and received lots of great feedback.

Check it out:

Hope it's helpful!
Rose C
9 years 8 months ago #166056 by Dolly
How did you apply to Lumosity?
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