Question: Colorado, Show us the Money

Does anyone know if the State of Colorado requires a PTO to deposit their money into the School's account as a line item? After maintaining a separate PTO account for several years, our School District told us we must give them our PTO's account; they deposited the balance into the School's Activity Fund as a line item and closed the account. Does anyone know who we would talk to about this at the State level to see if there are any alternatives? Some PTO members are upset and would like to go back to having our own account (with a tax ID#, safeguards and insurance) but have been told by the school that the State won't allow it anymore.

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Advice from PTO Today

bblake writes:
I would start with the office of the Secretary of State - probably go through the non-profit Corporations division. You might see if there is a Division of Public Charities at the state level too. They might have some answers or be able to guide you.

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