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As we are all saddened and shaken at the events that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary, many of us are questioning how we can help. The survivors of the shooting will be relocated to a new elementary school in a neighboring town for now. It is my hopes that no student or faculty ever enter Sandy Hook again. I believe PTOs from across the country can come together and build them a new school and a memorial. I suggest a Fundraiser for Sandy Hook Walk that can take place on the same date at schools across the nation. Proceeds can go to a fund to demolish, design and rebuild a new school for these survivors. How should one go about organizing such an event and getting national support? We can really make a difference here and help to heal this town.

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Rose H writes:
Hi bgriffin831,

Thanks for posting. We have been amazed by the outpouring of concern and the efforts being made to help the Sandy Hook community.There have been so many good thoughts and ideas of how to help. After a period of mourning, the people of Newtown will be able to make decisions on how to honor the lives lost and to provide continued support to their community. You may want to reach out to organizations already working to raise funds and provide assistance to see how you can help and also to suggest your idea. We have put together a few articles with information on how to get in touch with these groups: 

More Tips and Resources for Helping the Sandy Hook Community 

Best of luck and thank you for your post,

Rose C.

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loveandcare writes:
very sad for the people how have lost how they love

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Dani517 writes:
They want to demolish the school because the shooting was staged, they don't want to leave any evidence. Did they demolish Columbine? No. Did they demolish Virginia Tech? No. Did they demolish the movie theatre in Aurora? No. This is all fishy and not what it seems. Ask Robbie Parker why he's laughing and joking around with reporters seconds before he's supposed to talk about losing his daughter. It's all BS and if you think you should give your money to these people you're an idiot.

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