Question: Do Existing Officers carry over to next year?

do the existing officers of a pto carry over to the new year's positions they would like to? our school's pto has 5 slots and only one person will be coming back to attend for the next school year. there are funds that will be transferred on to the new year in the fall. does the officer who will be staying have the choice to continue on and hold new elections to fill the open positions?

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Advice from PTO Today

bblake writes:
What do your bylaws say? Typically elections are held in the spring so that the board transition can take place through the summer and allow the board to be set and ready for the start of school in September. Sometimes, elections are held in the fall. At your first meeting, you would probably need to fill those empty board positions if possible. Hopefully once you refer to your bylaws, you will find the answers.

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