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This year our school has decided to not to have a holiday house (Santa shop) because we are a small school with very limited funds. We have decided have a breakfast with Santa and at this function set up craft stations where the kids could make crafts to give to family members as gifts. I'm looking for some easy crafts for kids Pre-K through 2nd grade, does anyone have any suggestions? We were thinking Christmas ornaments, but should we also do something that could be used year round not just at Christmas? Thanks!!

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dilloniousNgoose writes:
Try looking at they have crafts in bulk and are reasonably priced.

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DylanKaufman writes:
My kids are eagerly waiting for Teachers day celebration in their school. As they have planned to surprise their class teacher with handmade cards and gifts.

I was not able to help them out for the same, therefore I ordered some craft material like fluorescent, glossy paper for greeting cards and smiley faces etc. from .

They made two beautiful cards from that stuff with the message; thanks for supporting and enlightening all the way.

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