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What is the proper procedure for allowing a principle to take home the PTO books?

Asked by jewel



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Is there a problem the principal is worried about? It's not that common for the principal to ask to see the books. As far as procedure, photocopy the check register for him and give him an up-to-date transaction report and your latest performance-to-budget report. The treasurer should never give out the original books.

Community Advice

jewel writes:
Yes, the budget. Seeing the books was not the problem, I brought them with me to every meeting last year. Taking them home or overnight is another matter and keeping them over the weekend. A statement was signed by both treasurer and principle regarding responsibility. Wished I would have gotten this answer sooner.. : ( So, what to do now?

Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
If the principal has the books, you just need to make sure you get them back in a timely manner. Did you set a day when they are supposed to be returned? If so, remind her the day before that the time has come. If she objects, tell her that you have checks to write, information to enter, etc. and she's holding up PTO business (if that's true).

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