Question: fundraising for high priofit

what fundraising is the best to do our principal want us to do one that bring in for then 40% profit.

Asked by a.morecraft



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
There are lots of fundraisers that will bring a 40% profit margin. But I wouldn't start with that requirement -- there are other issues that are more important than profit percentage. Start with price: Ask yourself how much people in your community would be willing to spend for a fundraising item. That answer is likely to be different depending on the economic situation in your community. Next, think about what people would be willing to purchase. If you're not sure, pin down a few items and conduct a survey. Quality and value are important. If people feel they are paying a lot for an inferior product, you'll have trouble raising money the next time around. And support from the fundraising company is very important. Finding a good service-oriented sales rep can make a real difference. Ask for references, and check into the company's policies on deliveries, returns, etc. Good luck!

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howa2011 writes:
I am looking for a fundraiser form letter.

Community Advice

osullivan3 writes:
What area are you in? There is a fundraiser in the Chicagoland, NW Indiana and Rockford area that the school/organization gets 60% profit

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