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Hello, I'm hoping that someone will be able to help me? I'm currently the Treasurer for our PTO. I have been noticing that our principal is trying to take us over! she completely eliminated one of our positions on the board. And now she is trying to control and say in our money? It was recently brought back up that we would like to install our Assemblies coordinator back. she will not let us? saying its her school and the decision of the assemblies is up to her.. Now here is my questions. Are we at right in saying that If we have no say in what is coming in the school then we can pull the funding? why should we spend the parents money on something they have no say in? Also SHe tries (the Principal) tries to take the lead on every committee and every function we do? Can a principal hold a position on the board? we are not tax exempt, PTO not PTA she is trying to run the entire thing? we even have to get HER approval before we can make our agenda! Because if there is a hot topic that needs to be discussed she will not allow discussion. Yet alone have it printed on our agenda. ( Head lice issue for example)major problem in our school, but we are not allowed to talk about it. How do we take controll back!

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NOSD PTR writes:
What do your bylaws say? Ours say that the principal is only advisory and cannot be a board member or take a real active role in the PTR she is a member like everyone else. First step would be to review your bylaws/constitution and see what power she has in your particular organization and then go from there as far as changing it or informing her of what it says. A split between PTO and school is never good so I hope you can come to a happy medium. by the way I can't believe the head lice thing our principal asked us if we would have the school nurse in last year to discuss it, because it was a huge problem and facts needed to get out to people.

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