Question: Does the current exec board just re--elect themselves by not allowing nominations to their position?

If we start a nominating committee in January; when do the current board members need to make a decision and announce if they will be running for office again next term? Do the current officers need to make an announcement if they will be running for office before the nomination committee approaches members? Does it really matter: shouldn't every office be available if someone would like to fill it? Over the past few years our previous boards had adopted the "well these are the available offices" attitude and would self -reeelect by not offering their office to be elected if they were going to stay and they chose who they liked to fill available slots. I feel that every office should be up for election since that is what an election is about. are my feelings correct? Where can I find concrete answers so that I am prepared at my meetings? Thanks for the much needed input.

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
You might find answers in your group's bylaws. The bylaws should spell out election procedures and could include what time of year elections are to be held and if officers have one or two-year terms. If the officers have one-year terms, then, as stipulated by the bylaws, the group is required to hold elections each year and accept nominations for the open positions. This article on frequently asked election questions might also come in handy.

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