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Our principal again and again has said that he has nothing to do with pto yet in our by laws it clearly says the opposite. This by laws were reviewed and approved by him in 2011-2012 . Should we enforce his duties or change our by laws so our principal dose not have anything to do with pto? FYI we are all new members and we do not get the same support as the last yrs pto members did! Help need advice asap

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Rose H writes:
Hi there!
What are the principals duties outlined in the bylaws? Without knowing the specifics, I would still say that it is almost always not a good idea to try to force the principal to do anything. Can you request a meeting with the principal and outline what the roles will be? You may gain a better understanding of how the principal wants to work with you.

Also, is there another person in the administration who can help fill this role?

In the meantime, we have many articles that offer tips for developing a positive partnership with the principal. These might be helpful. Here's the link: The Principal

Good luck!
Rose C.

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