Question: How Do I Handle this?

Long story short, at our last month's meeting, we had our usual informal officer nominations/elections. We had a parent that had never been to one of our meetings come in and announce that she would like to be president next year. Since there was no opposition, our current board agreed. We had the 'nomination committee' present according to our bylaws. I received a text from the up and coming president informing me that our current vp, who agreed to retain her position, wasn't 'in good standing' and had parents complain to her about our vp. Keep in mind that I am still president and have never had a second of trouble with her-she is always very helpful. Future president also said that "we have gotten together (i'm assuming we is her & a group of friends) and chose our board members (officers) for next year. Can that be done??? What do I do?

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Rose H writes:
Need to start with a question: What is the "usual informal officer nominations/elections"? It sounds like your board agreed that this new person would be president without having an election in which all the members could vote and now the remainder of the board will be selected by this new president and her group? Hmmm. It is typical that a PTO would hold an election in which all the members (parents) would vote. You may need to consult your bylaws and see what the language is concerning elections. If the bylaws state that there will be elections in which members vote, then you as as PTO member (much less the current president!) should insist that elections be held. Good luck with this and let us know how you make out.

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Lis376 writes:
Our current PTO members rarely come to meetings. We will have around less than 10 people at a meeting, and that included 4 board members & our principal. We are a very laid back PTO, but I feel like I've lost all control with this new person. Our bylaws say that each member in attendance is eligible to vote. No one disagreed to the people we had nominated from the floor. Until now.
So do I, at our next meeting, confront the new "we" and ask them what their motives are and why are they bashing someone they know nothing about and say that she 'isn't in good standing'? Can I ask for the names of the people that say that?
I'm trying to take the high road on this matter, but I have also worked very hard as President for two years and I do not want to see someone come in that has no idea what is going on and make my hard work nothing more than a joke.

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