Question: PTO Election

I was the secretary for my pto last year this year I ran for president and lost noone else ran for secretary.I am still the secretary?

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
You can check with the current board and also refer to your group's bylaws to see if there are term limits for executive board members. The bylaws may also indicate if a sitting board member can continue in that role if no one else ran for the position.

Sounds like you are still interested in contributing to your group!

Good luck!


Community Advice

cornica writes:
The by laws don not specify if noonleelse the current board member may the bylawsare from ourcity they just say you only can run twice butthis is the first election. continue as for the current board the president is mad at me for complaining how the election wasrun.she is talking behind my back.

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