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What avenue does our PTSA take in order to investigate a board members improprieties? We went to our County Board and State Board President for advise on a question pertaining to membership. An individual who serves on both boards disseminated the information to a public group and now the public group is taking aggressive actions against our PTSA board. I am 100% confident we made an honest mistake, and I feel this board member has egregiously breached the duties of her position. She also attended a special meeting this month and coached this local group to ask probing questions that were not pertinent to the cause of the special meeting. Can I look to the National PTA for assistance as I believe the President at the state level is a close personal friend of this board member? We need help. Finally, through all this turmoil, we have to seriously consider cancelling our post prom event. Over 100 students attend the event each year and our reputation has been damaged in our community under false pretenses. I am devastated that our students may not have a safe place to enjoy themselves after the prom. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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mum24kids writes:
It sounds like what you are saying is that a county PTA person is somehow interfering in the activities of your local unit, and the State President won't call her off. A portion of your dues goes to National, so you could certainly try to tell them that you have tried to get help from the state level, but had no luck, and get them to intervene--but no idea if they actually would. If a mistake was made, maybe what needs to be done is to sit down with the board member and apologize and call for a truce. Remind her that you're all in this for the kids, and the post prom event is in danger because of all the drama.

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DavisPTO2017 writes:
I'm really sorry for jumping on your post with a question of my own, but since you've been in contact with your county and state presidents, you might be able to help me out.

How do you find out who your county/state representatives are??

Our PTO members are all new and are pretty much in the dark with trying to deal with some issues left by the outgoing members :(

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