Question: Can someone take office if not nominated first?

We currently have a PTO board that does not want to be re-elected and is in total chaos. I want to take over as president, but the current members and elected officials are arguing and causing riff within the PTO. Causing no-one to be elected and virtually eliminating the PTO. Meetings are met with negativity, hostility, and the blame game. I want to make a change but, I have not been nominated by anyone but want to do what is right by the students, Teachers, and Staff. Bylaws are vague and can be interpreted in many different ways. Can or someone else "write" in a name on a (paper)ballot if they have not been nominated by the current Members?

Asked by PTO_MOM_OF_9



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi PTO Mom of 9,

Take a look at the group's bylaws.You mentioned that they are vague. You should be able nominate someone from the floor -- unless the bylaws specifically state that is not allowed.

Good luck! It sounds like you want to bring about positive change and that is a great thing!


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