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Our school board requires our PTC to have a budget set for the new year and to present it at their meeting for approval. They also require us to put on two different events, that they have complete control over, and require the board to put in numerous hours of volunteer time. We also would like to use a square reader for transactions which they told us we can't use. Am I wrong, but I do believe the only things that they can tell us no about are things we want to do on campus. Please help as this is driving me crazy as no other board I have ever been on has ever behaved this way.

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi anonymous,
A lot of this would depend on how your group is organized. If you are set up as an independent parent group, you do have say over what you will do, But, you don't operate in a bubble and need to get along with the school administration in order to really accomplish your goals. So, the key is compromise. Is there a way to meet and have a conversation about your goals and objectives? Chances are, they mirror the school administrations hopes of the school community, too. If they give you some room to meet those goals, everyone benefits.

If your group is part of the school or was set up by the school, you unfortunately have a lot less leeway and can't really object to much of what they ask you to do.


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