Question: Should the PTO Pay for sports banquets?

Do most or and PTO's pay for sports related costs? The track coach is asking for reimbursement for a track banquet.

Asked by Shellystinnett



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi Shelly,
Couple things here: Thinking that this "reimbursement" would be pricey, so you would likely need to call for a vote on it. One of the issues to consider when voting: PTO money should be spent to benefit the school community overall and this expense may be benefitting just a small piece of the community.

Hope that helps,
Community Manager

Community Advice

Shellystinnett writes:
Thank you for your response. We actually voted on this but the coach/teacher asking for the money was quite upset that she was not approved because she was a sport. We did approve one small request but at this time we really do not have it in the budget. I was wondering if it was normal for PTO's to pay for such things.

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