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Concession stand food ideas

11 years 11 months ago #161348 by Rose H
Jaime N,

That's a great question! I'm going to check with our customer support folks to see if they've heard of this.

Will get back to you,

Rose C.
Community Manager
11 years 11 months ago #161334 by Jaime N
Replied by Jaime N on topic Re:Concession stand food ideas
For those of you who sell hot chocolate, cup-o-noodles, and such...have you ever had a liability issue with someone burning themselves?
12 years 1 month ago #161124 by Taco lady
Replied by Taco lady on topic Re:Concession stand food ideas
We have made taco in a bag{walking tacos } for many years . $3.00 we fill them with whatever they ask for. always good sales.
pickle on a stick for 1.00 great profit.
Snow-cones with pickle juice fun and great way to get rid of pickle juice. $1.00
12 years 1 month ago #161024 by Gina
Replied by Gina on topic Re:Concession stand food ideas
Thanks for everyone who is sharing their great ideas on this board! I just took over concessions for our swim team, and we have a few big sellers. I'm eager to try the pickles this summer because I think the kids will love it. Are you using sweet or dill juice? Or do the kids not care?

Traveling Tacos are our biggest seller by far: Bag of Fritos crunched up, add a scoop of taco meat (ground beef browned, then mixed in crockpot with taco seasoning), cheese, sour cream and lettuce. We offer salsa, hot sauce, and jalapenos in our condiments bar. We charge $3.50.

Meatball Subs: Frozen meatballs from Costco, sub roll, sauce. It's less than $1 each to make and we charge $3.50, so good profit margin.

BBQ Chicken: Just chicken breasts in the crockpot with BBQ sauce, then shredded. We serve on a hamburger bun, $3.50.

We have each family donate fruit at each meet and we make a Fruit Cup of melon, berries, and grapes. These sell for $1 and it's all profit. These usually sell out early; it's great to have something cold and healthy.

This year I want to try a cold pasta salad so we have a vegetarian option. I haven't priced the ingredients yet, though.

We also do Breakfast Burritos for early morning meets: Either egg & cheese or sausage, egg & cheese. We scramble eggs and brown the sausage; wrap them in tortillas and then foil. In the morning, we heat them up in the oven. These are very popular and are only $1/$1.50.

I would love some more HEALTHY ideas. We have a small fridge and lag time between meets, so I can't do yogurt, milk, and other items that warm quickly or won't hold between events.
12 years 1 month ago #160993 by Rose H
Hi Theresa,

Good to hear about the fruit! Any other healthy alternatives that you've tried?

Rose C.
Community Manager
12 years 1 month ago #160991 by Theresa
Replied by Theresa on topic Re:Concession stand food ideas
What about FRUIT! We have sold apples, oranges and banana's and they go well. Many people want a healthy alternative!
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