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Concession stand food ideas

17 years 6 months ago #91052 by Critter
If it's the same as our walking crush an individual size bag of doritos, open it, and spoon in a little taco meat, chopped lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, salsa, even sour cream. It's eaten right out of the bag. We used them at our first bingo night. They were a big hit, but lots of work...the second year we served hot dogs!
17 years 6 months ago #91051 by pottsvillemom
OK, I'll bite. What's a walking taco?

I run our PeeWee sports program concession stand. We also sell nachos and pizza. We have a Pizza Pro that will give us the $5 deal and will deliver if over 10 pizzas.

Sour candy sells great, even to the older kids. And pickles. I will sell four gallon jars for a Football game. Airheads and Extreme Airheads Sour Belts, BIG SELLERS. Also Slim Jims.

I also stock a few Squeeze-Its for the little kids.

Good luck.
17 years 6 months ago #91050 by Renee S
Replied by Renee S on topic RE: Concession stand food ideas
How about popcorn, airheads, frozen go-gurt, beef jerky, candy, brats, donuts, extreme airheads.... this is some of the stuff we sell at the concession stand at our ice rink
17 years 6 months ago #91049 by adirkman
Concession stand food ideas was created by adirkman
I am chairing the concession stand for our upcoming District Solo-Ensemble (high school level) meet. Any new ideas for some cool/hot treats? We will serve hot food items (most likely burgers, hot dogs and walking tacos) as well as beverages, snacks & other munchies and am open to suggestions.
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