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Concession stand food ideas

5 years 6 months ago #167441 by kim corson
Replied by kim corson on topic Concession stand food ideas
We sell sloppy joe filling on everything that we sell: pretzels, nachos, even on the pulled pork sandwich.
5 years 3 days ago #168729 by Anonymous
Replied by Anonymous on topic Concession stand food ideas
I run a CS, and we added grilled cheese to the menu. In 2 weeks that they were on the menu, we sold 3 large loafs of bread. I figured it was about 40 sandwiches. Spent about $7 on supplies, made $60... not a bad turn around. In colder weather, we added hot apple cider, hot chocolate and hot coffee.... sold great. Pizza and hot dogs another good seller.
4 years 11 months ago #169264 by HDPhoenix
We have always used George Foreman grill for our Hot Dogs. They work great. You just have to watch the drippings from the grill.
4 years 1 month ago #170594 by Crossties
RC Cola and Moon Pies is a definitive Southern icon!
4 years 1 month ago #170595 by Crossties
I run a concession stand at our soccer field. We have a strong return crowd. Often, several children in the same family have games throughout the day so we see the same people all day long. And things get even better when kids have more than one game a day! It sometimes for 12+ hour Saturday's, but it is worth the effort. All our proceeds go to a scholarship fund.

We grill our hot dogs on a George Forman grill (actually two of them). We grill hamburgers on a propane grill. We also serve grilled chicken sandwiches that are grilled (we buy them from Sam's - boneless, skinless mesquite chicken breasts). We want to offer something other than pork or beef. We sell them for $3 each and our profit margin is not great. But when parents realize we've gone the extra mile for the variety, they are quick to buy other drinks and snacks and they always return week after week - all high profit items.

Try sausage biscuits for the early morning hours. It is sometimes hard for parents to get those little ones out for 8 am games and as soon as those first games begin, parents flock to us for coffee and muffins or Danish. Even buying frozen Pillsbury biscuits that bake while I am getting ready early Saturday morning and using Jimmy Dean Sausage, we sell them for $1.50 and are making about $1 profit on each sausage biscuit. It is a welcome convenience.

We make popcorn (the aroma draws in the kids) and son-cones as well. However, it takes a volunteer full-time to run each machine (adults only on these). These profit margins are HUGE, as long as you have the volunteers. Profit on son-cones is incredible - especially since I make my own syrup (using traditional and bizarre Kool-Aid favors I buy in bulk from Amazon). We sell bags of popcorn for $1 each and each bag probably costs us less than 10 cents each.

Love everyone's great ideas. I continue to get request for pickles (ewww!), but thought the requests were a little "odd". AFter reading comments here, starting next Saturday, we will try the pickles. May also try the warm pretzels - sounds like a bargain.

Finally, another soccer mom from a visiting soccer team yesterday told me that she buys the gallon cans of boiled peanuts from Sam's, then puts them in the crockpot to warm. Said she would go through 4-5 gallons a night (one soccer game!) at her daughter's high school games. Cannot imagine how many we would go through during an entire day at the soccer fields. Boiled peanuts are HUGE in the south. I 've been thinking I needed to buy a bushel of green peanuts at the farmer's market and boil them myself. She said kids absolutely love these peanuts.
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4 years 1 month ago #170596 by Crossties
Replied by Crossties on topic Re:Concession stand sales
We started using a SQUARE reader for debit/credit cards about a year ago. Sales increased by as much as 30% some days. The more out of town soccer teams we have visiting, the more our sales increase. Parents are so grateful for this service. Service fees are low as well.
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