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elementary school fall festival

16 years 11 months ago #117419 by <chks>
elementary school fall festival was created by <chks>
We are looking for some new and fresh ideas for our Fall Festival. This event brings our starting revenue for the PTO and we greatly depend on it being a SUCCESS! We offer dinner in our cafeteria but the games/activities are what really brings in the funds. If you have some good activities/games to suggest we would be so greatly thankful...we need to add new variety to keep the interest from year to year! Hope to hear some great ideas...soon please. Thanks.
16 years 11 months ago #117420 by LUVMYKIDS
Some of the most popular games at our festival are a sponge toss where the kids can either stick their head through the target and get sponges thrown at them or can throw the sponges, a cake walk, the Plinko(The Price is Right) game, and basketball shooting.

Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat.
16 years 11 months ago #117421 by pottsvillemom
We have our now infamous pickle walk, Bopper Hop (walk giving out head boppers), plinko, hockey shoot, torpedo football, pumpkin ring toss, tattoo parlor, face painting, cookie walk, fish pond, jewelry store, duck pond, gold mine, putt to win, coke ring toss, silly shots (photo), candy bar walk, marble fishing.

We have such a high attendence, we have to have games that are fast and move people in and out quickly.
16 years 11 months ago #117422 by learning the ropes
To: Pottsville Mom

I'll bite - what is the PICKLE WALK?????
What alot of great ideas!
16 years 11 months ago #117423 by rosewood2
Replied by rosewood2 on topic RE: elementary school fall festival
Me too. What is the pickle walk? We have a fall carnival too. But the games are the same ones they have been using for the last four years. Can you tell me more about some of your games. How did you build the plinko wall? email me dirrectly if you want or I will check back here. thanks

Krista :eek:
16 years 11 months ago #117424 by MomB
Replied by MomB on topic RE: elementary school fall festival
Ok...I give...I want to know what a Pickle Walk is too! and how a Plinko board is constructed.

Other ideas:
Fishbowl toss. Person tries to toss coins into a fishbowl. If they do, they win a prize. Coins are kept if they do or don't make the toss.

Also, Loop the Bottle - Bottles are laid on their side. Person who can loop the string over the bottle and stand it up straight wins a prize.
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