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elementary school fall festival

1 year 9 months ago #172692 by Karen roberts
Replied by Karen roberts on topic RE: elementary school fall festival
What exactly is the king/queen contest?
1 year 8 months ago #172743 by katbow7
Replied by katbow7 on topic RE: elementary school fall festival
here is the post about the jewelry store> CrazyAboutPTO
CrazyAboutPTO's Avatar
14 years 11 months ago #117445
Originally posted by PottsvilleMom:
We have our now infamous pickle walk, Bopper Hop (walk giving out head boppers), plinko, hockey shoot, torpedo football, pumpkin ring toss, tattoo parlor, face painting, cookie walk, fish pond, jewelry store, duck pond, gold mine, putt to win, coke ring toss, silly shots (photo), candy bar walk, marble fishing.

We have such a high attendence, we have to have games that are fast and move people in and out quickly.
1 year 7 months ago #172841 by Sameckia
Replied by Sameckia on topic RE: elementary school fall festival
Could you provide more details on the king, queen, princess and prince contest?
8 months 3 weeks ago #173173 by Sarah Holden
Replied by Sarah Holden on topic RE: elementary school fall festival
Hi!  I am PTO President of our Elementary school and would love some more info on your king/queen and prince/princess contest if you are willing to share!  Thank you!
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