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elementary school fall festival

16 years 9 months ago #117431 by pottsvillemom
Each student collects donations. For each $.50 donation, they receive one ticket to use at the Hoedown. The top boy and girl are king and queen. We also have 3 princes and princesses. Anyone who brings in over 100 gets to silly string the teachers.

We also have randon drawings for anyone who brings in money, even if it is only $.50. We give extra tickets to the teachers to give to students who were not able to collect much, plus the kids who have more than enough tickets are very generous. It is really touching to seem them share.

My the time the Hoedown is here, we've made our money so we just enjoy the night. Don't get me wrong there's still plenty to do, but we don't worry about how much money we're making.

This is the 8th year for the Hoedown and we make more each year. It's a pretty well oiled machine.

The biggest reason it is a success is because the teachers make the kids excited about it. There are assemblies with skits. The principal kisses a pig or dresses in her pajamas. The teachers get dumped with spaghetti. They really make it exciting for the kids.
16 years 8 months ago #117432 by <chks>
Replied by <chks> on topic RE: elementary school fall festival
We also have a fall family night but ours isn't a fundraiser. We do old fashion games such as sack races, pumpkin seed spitting contest, and ghost kisses (a white powdered sugar doughnut hung on a string then eatten without using hands). We have a craft area, take pictures of the families at a fall scene and provide a snack all at no cost.
16 years 8 months ago #117433 by Lisa Stovall
Replied by Lisa Stovall on topic RE: elementary school fall festival
I would love to have the instructions on how to make the Plinko game if anyone has them. I loved that game on The Price is Right!!!
16 years 8 months ago #117434 by CoPREZ
Replied by CoPREZ on topic RE: elementary school fall festival
And you make $13,000???? Wow! How many kids in your school?
16 years 8 months ago #117435 by C. Brooks
Replied by C. Brooks on topic RE: elementary school fall festival
Wow Potts! We netted around $15k last year. It was a record for us. In addition to the royaliy contest we have a ham supper, plus the games, and we do pretty well with our prize walk. Last year they did Christmas Baskets for $5.00 per walk (as opposed to $.25-$1.00), every spot was full. It nearly doubled the average profit of the walk. We have cakes too, but more donations so we just call it a prize walk. We have about 450 students. We do our festival(just the games and if we have enough parents and prizes we do the walk, also concessions) 2 hours during the day and then again that evening for the whole community.

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16 years 8 months ago #117436 by morganton mom
Replied by morganton mom on topic RE: elementary school fall festival
what is marble fishing and gold mine. we need new games for our fall festival k-5
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