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elementary school fall festival

9 years 9 months ago #166173 by Rose H
Hi Donna,

Love your idea! We are profiling a parent group in our next magazine issue that does a trick-or-treat "street" in the school hallway!

Thanks for sharing,
Rose C.
9 years 9 months ago #166172 by Donna Patterson
Replied by Donna Patterson on topic Re:elementary school fall festival
Last year we had a parent come to us with an outstanding idea...Haunted Hallways! We are fortunate that our main hallway is interior so light was not an issue. The Haunted Hallway ran from the front of the school and ended at the gym. In the gym there were all different activities for the kids to do - tattoos, face painting, Halloween style games, etc. It was such a hit it is now its own committee and is looking to expand this year to invite the community...
9 years 9 months ago #166171 by sherrist
We have had a trunk or treat every year for the past three, and we will be hosting another one this year. Parents volunteer to decorate the backs of their cars, trunks, minivans, flatbeds… And we get the community involved with local businesses as well. The children walk around and gather candy from each trunk throughout the evening. Usually we have about 30? Sometimes more sometimes less. We also have a DJ that plays music and crafts for the kids to do. We also have a bake sale… and over the last few years, we end up making money. While it technically is not a fundraiser but more of a family event or community event, a little extra money never hurts! We have often talked about having a contest between the trunks and giving out trophies, but we never have yet… We're still discussing it again for this year LOL! In past years we've also had people putting on Halloween themed temporary tattoos for the kids. We also invite the police, fire, and rescue teams to bring their trucks and light up the dance floor. The kids love seeing the fire trucks! We do charge the trick-or-treaters a nominal fee, I think we charged them three dollars each last year… But we do not charge parents. Hope this helps! Good luck
9 years 9 months ago #166170 by Tracy Stonewall PTO
Replied by Tracy Stonewall PTO on topic Re:elementary school fall festival
There are several things we try to do at ours.....we always do a bake/snack sale, big hit!!
We are looking to try a photo booth for some extra laughs and bulletin boards (small fee per picture so they can have a copy too!)
Also, our students do a costume contest by grade level. Let the teachers pick the winners.
You could do a few simple things to such as a lollipop pull, or ask students to pay a quarter to vote for the teacher who will have to wear a silly costume at school one day during the next week. Kids love to do it. Hope this helps a little.
9 years 9 months ago #166169 by ccasalina
We are considering a Trunk or Treat event this year! Families gather in the parking lot and decorate their back hatch or trunk of their vehicles with fall/halloween decorations and the kids dress up and trick or treat from car to car! It's great for areas like ours where most kids don't live on a street where they can trick or treat. You could include some crafting and games in the school or just apple fry cakes and cider in the parking lot!
9 years 9 months ago #166168 by Wylieptomom
Replied by Wylieptomom on topic Re:elementary school fall festival
Last year we decided to do a family movie night..... We had a screen and projector.... We sold popcorn, pizza, fruit snacks, koolaid, water, and glow braclets! Everybody had a good time!
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