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elementary school fall festival

7 years 2 months ago #171774 by Joaquina
Replied by Joaquina on topic RE: elementary school fall festival
What is the king and queen thing about in an Elementary school festival??
8 years 11 months ago #168220 by g8tors09
Son-cones and sand art. These are both hits at our events. Here is the bet tip possible though. Advertise that you have these type of extras available for an extra cost. we found that once the parents knew it was extra they sent in the money. Send a flyer out that has worked the best. we have a local company, kona-ice that comes out and sets up. They donate 30% back to the school and we don't worry about that. The sand art supplies we get from coloredsand . com. They have always been fast and cheap.
9 years 3 days ago #167670 by Tanya Hilkert
Replied by Tanya Hilkert on topic RE: elementary school fall festival "Pickle Walk"
Can you explain what the pickle walk is?
9 years 9 months ago #166250 by Rose H
Hi Dana!

Trunk or Treat is a popular event with this crowd -- and this is a great question! I'd like to bump this question over to our Facebook community as well.

In the meantime, if you need decorating ideas for Trunk or Treat, please check out our Halloween Parties and Events board on Pinterest:

Again, welcome! Please stay in touch and let us know how we can help you!

Rose C.
Community Manager
9 years 9 months ago #166245 by Dana T
Replied by Dana T on topic Re:elementary school fall festival
Hello! This is my first post so I hope I'm doing it correctly! We are planning our first trunk or treat for October. Do you have suggestions on parking logistics? We have a pretty big parking lot at school...we're unsure of the best way to organize them? Thanks!
9 years 9 months ago #166175 by Rose H
Hi Carol,
We posted your question to our Facebook community and tons of answers are coming in! Check in out here:

Good luck!
Rose C.
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