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elementary school fall festival

20 years 9 months ago #117440 by pottsvillemom
ptoqueen! Yes, it is me. I tried to e-mail to your profile address, but it bounced back. How are things in Bourne?

How is your outdoor classroom? I talked to one of our teachers about that and he was really interested in how well it was working.
20 years 9 months ago #117439 by pto queen
Replied by pto queen on topic RE: elementary school fall festival
Hey Pottsville mom!! I believe I met you at the Dallas Convention. WE went to the Grapevine Mall, if this is you please email me
20 years 9 months ago #117438 by pottsvillemom
Marble fishing is picking up marbles with your toes. We had two swimming pools going. Three kids per pool. Twenty seconds per game. We had it outside so there wasn't a big mess.

The gold mine is swimming pools with packing peanuts and prizes. It's great for the preschool kids.
20 years 9 months ago #117437 by pottsvillemom
Last year we had 438 K-4. This year we are over 500!!. The rest of our money comes from corporate cash donation, spaghetti dinner, silent auction, and general store. Our total net was $20K and we were through by the second weekend of October.
20 years 9 months ago #117436 by morganton mom
Replied by morganton mom on topic RE: elementary school fall festival
what is marble fishing and gold mine. we need new games for our fall festival k-5
20 years 9 months ago #117435 by C. Brooks
Replied by C. Brooks on topic RE: elementary school fall festival
Wow Potts! We netted around $15k last year. It was a record for us. In addition to the royaliy contest we have a ham supper, plus the games, and we do pretty well with our prize walk. Last year they did Christmas Baskets for $5.00 per walk (as opposed to $.25-$1.00), every spot was full. It nearly doubled the average profit of the walk. We have cakes too, but more donations so we just call it a prize walk. We have about 450 students. We do our festival(just the games and if we have enough parents and prizes we do the walk, also concessions) 2 hours during the day and then again that evening for the whole community.

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