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The ULTIMATE Donation List

14 years 5 months ago #152001 by Daylene
Replied by Daylene on topic Re:The ULTIMATE Donation List
Just beginning my work for our school carnival. Here are some of the items we were successful in getting last year (Feb 09). If your are in Iowa - I have info I can share if anyone interested:

Allegiant Airlines - two vouchers
American Girl
Omaha Zoo - 4 one day passes
Omaha Children's Museum - 2 one day family passes
Walgreen's - $25
YMCA - 3 month membership
Bed, Bath & Beyond - Local Store - $20 GC
Best Buy -Local Store, each one different and lots of followup - DS System and Game, Substantial discounts on electronics (we purchase some big prizes)
Nebraska Furniture Mart - $25 GC
Scheels - Local store - 3 - $25 GC
Kansas City Royals - tickets
Chicago Cubs - tickets
14 years 5 months ago #151950 by stephanie
Replied by stephanie on topic Re:The ULTIMATE Donation List
hi lulu38...I've worked with Soaring Adventures twice and we did really well on the auction items. We added a picnic basket lunch to go with the hot air ballon rides.

You have two choices with Soaring Adventures. You can buy the rides outright or put it in your auction and pay them after the auction is over, hopefully from the proceeds of the item. We had no problem exceeding the cost of the hot air balloon ride and profiting from it, but it depends on your guest list and what they're comfortable spending and bidding up to.

I also bought the glider lesson which at the time was less expensive and sold equally well.

Soaring Adventures is very nice to work with. They send you a kit with a GC and contact information for local balloon operators for the winner, and promotional material for you to use at your auction. You can also download the promotional material from their website.

Hope that helps.
14 years 5 months ago #151884 by Amy Trussell
Replied by Amy Trussell on topic Re:The ULTIMATE Donation List
Medieval Times 2001 N. Roselle Rd. Scahumburg, IL 60195
(2 dinner /show passes)

Shedd Aquarium 1200 S. Lake Shore Drive Chicago, IL 60605 (4 passes)

Dick's Sporting Goods (applied on line) $20 gift cert.
14 years 5 months ago #151882 by Mandi
Replied by Mandi on topic Re:The ULTIMATE Donation List
Your True Nature
$95 Gift Pack
3 weeks
14 years 5 months ago #151864 by lulu38
Regarding Panera, the manager I spoke with explained that it depends on whether the store is a franchise or a corporate location. The franchises make independent decisions; the corporate locations go through "DoughNation": I submitted online in November and haven't heard back yet.

I also submitted an online request to Noodles & Co in mid-November with no response yet:

Chipotle said no (although we received a donation last year--perhaps they don't give every year)?

Does anyone have experience with the Soaring Adventures hot air balloon ride? This is a deal in which they sell a 2-person and 4-person ride for a "nonprofit" price, and you can pocket whatever it fetches over that cost. They throw in a free one-person ride, no strings attached. There's no obligation to purchase the rides if they don't go for the minimum bid and they can be redeemed at quite a few independently-operated locations throughout the country. The one in our area isn't too far away and has a sterling reputation, so I thought we'd give it a try this year. I'd be interested in knowing others' experience with Soaring Adventures.

Our local small theaters and museums have been really great, coming through with tickets to shows or family memberships. A local fitness center donated four 10-pass cards. This is my second year of running a silent auction in a terrible economy, and I've become convinced that volunteer energy is best spent on smaller, local businesses and organizations to which someone in the community has an actual connection. Parents who own businesses or have special skills are also great sources for donations, of course.

Good luck to all!
14 years 5 months ago #151861 by Hope
Replied by Hope on topic Re:The ULTIMATE Donation List
My local Panera Bread gave me today a card good for a years worth of bread. One loaf a month for 12 months. I did not have to go thru corpoarte just my local store.
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