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10 years 7 months ago #164748 by Karen V
Replied by Karen V on topic Re:2013 ULTIMATE DONATION LIST
For our gift auction, there are no tickets and no goody bags. It is free admission, you just pay for what you win.

And while I'm on here, my auction was yesterday. It was my first time running it. Thank you all for the wonderful tips you have posted. Because of everything I learned here, I felt like I knew where to start instead of floundering. AND ... we made $5,000 more than last year!!! YIPPEE :)
10 years 7 months ago #164747 by Hope c
Replied by Hope c on topic Re:2013 ULTIMATE DONATION LIST
No we do not do goodie bags and if you did you could do say for the first 50 and we usually get items do ayes through Kraft and use candy coupons chick fil a discounts little things also local police departments have cups or key chains insurance company's too.
10 years 7 months ago #164745 by Amy
Replied by Amy on topic Re:2013 ULTIMATE DONATION LIST
We have volunteers sign up for table decorations after coming up with an overall theme and then all tables are decorated with the teams interpretation of the theme, the centerpiece is auctioned off in a balloon raffle and there is a goodie bag/take home item on the table for each person. All tables are different and its great to see what people come up with!
10 years 7 months ago #164743 by Carolyn
Replied by Carolyn on topic Re:2013 ULTIMATE DONATION LIST
When you do your Gift Auction do you have a "goody bag" for people who come? If you do what do you put in it?
There was talk that we are selling tickets so cheaply that we don't need to do anything? Thoughts...
10 years 7 months ago #164740 by HopeC
Replied by HopeC on topic Re:2013 ULTIMATE DONATION LIST
What we do with the baskets is set out a firm that list the items and round about value then they bid on the paper for the item. No tickets needed
10 years 7 months ago - 10 years 7 months ago #164738 by SPPTO

Can you spot the enthusiasm already? I just started sending out internet requests. I
covered about 46 in two days. Got turned down by red box and don't know why but I will try again later.

After exhausting internet options, and I am searching for donation requests in my state, I will blindly send out requests to restaurants and businesses of note. Then as we get closer, I will solicit my parents for donations if they want and possibly have each class make up a themed box or basket.

I do have a question. How do you collect the tickets for the raffles? Does each item have a box? If I have a hundred items, do I need a hundred boxes?

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