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Start the new school year right with these suggestions for August parent group activities. And if your school year resumes in August, use this same list for July planning.


  • Spruce up your school. Efforts like tidying up the front of the school, washing main windows, and updating your bulletin boards can give new parents a welcoming impression.

  • Hold a welcome event for new families.
    38 Ideas To Start the Year Right

  • Schedule a boohoo/yahoo breakfast. Let parents of kindergartners know you feel their pain (or share their joy!).Plan a Boohoo/Yahoo Breakfast

  • Update your website and social channels with any information pertaining to back to school.

  • Ramp up your recruiting! The beginning of the year is a crucial time to get new parents on board. Make a point to make personal contact with new families and parents of kindergartners in particular. Consider starting with a meet and greet for families at the school playground.

  • Make sure your parent group is insured before you plan any fall events or fundraisers.

  • Do a final check of your organization systems and make sure everything is in order.Back-to-School Ideas for PTO Officers

  • Hold a casual get-together for board members.

  • Firm up your roster of major events, and have a one-page calendar to note them.

  • Add any finishing touches to your welcome packet.
    How To Create a Welcome Packet

  • Schedule a meeting with the principal as close to the start of the school year as possible to discuss ideas and goals for the year.

  • Review your bylaws. Be sure you’re familiar with them and that overall they’re up to date.
    How Good Are Your Bylaws?

  • If you’re planning a fall fundraiser, double-check with the fundraising representative. Determine how many volunteers you need. Develop a master schedule of important dates for promotion, sales deadlines, delivery, volunteer appreciation, and evaluation.

  • Make sure your school’s back-to-school supply lists are online at

Challenge accepted! Concrete steps for a great start to the school year

Suggested Teacher Appreciation Effort: Welcome-Back Breakfast

Teachers will love starting the year with a back-to-school welcome breakfast. They’re easy to organize and generally not expensive, and can be as simple or as elaborate as a group likes. You’ll find ideas plus tips in “Celebrate With a Teacher Appreciation Breakfast.”

Originally posted in 2016 and updated regularly.

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