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Working With Teachers

Start Strong With Teachers

Tips for communicating and some surefire ways to build good relationships with your school's teachers.

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Teacher Appreciation

Teacher Appreciation Throughout the Year

Ways to take the time throughout the year to let your teachers know you appreciate them.

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Back to School

What To Tell Parents About Involvement

Messages about involvement to share with parents in emails, newsletters, social posts, and bulletin boards. Use them individually, or combine a few for a longer message.

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Don't Say It!

12 casual comments that discourage involvement, 12 positive alternatives that build it.

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How To Cultivate Long-Term Volunteers

With some thought and planning, you can turn occasional helpers into committed volunteers.

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PTO Today Article

These #ptokids Know How To Make the Most of Any Situation

When parenting and volunteering for the PTO have to happen at the same time, kids often find a way to be involved—and frequently, cute photos result.

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PTO Today Article

Box Tops for Education: No More Clipping!

A new mobile app allows users to scan a receipt to receive credit for participating products.

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