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We know planning great family events is a big part of what your group does. There are tons of ideas in the articles below for new and better ways to connect with parents, even planning events around holidays. Find more helpful tools and info on the Events & Programs resources page.

  • Video Tutorial: School Fundraising Decisions

    School fundraising is no doubt an important part of a parent group's role. But is there such a thing as too much fundraising? Absolutely. Yes. That's what Tim tells us in this week's video tutorial. Learn more about his take on the right amount of fundraising and how fundraising relates to the overall health and well being of your school community.
  • Higher Fuel Costs Mean Fewer Field Trips

    Rising costs are a problem for most school districts, survey finds.
  • Science Night, CSI Style

    Science is fun when students have to figure out “Whodunit?”
  • Community Service: Knitting for a Cause

    PTO Today’s 2008 Outstanding Community Service Project turned a fundraiser into a heartwarming event: Students knitted hats in all sizes for patients at the local children’s hospital, then delivered them personally.
  • Family Event: Fun and Eco-games

    PTO Today’s 2008 Outstanding Family Event was a green festival that combined learning and fun, included a large number of parent volunteers, and helped strengthen the connection between the middle school and home.
  • Building Student Readers

    Students who read books can earn great prizes from the parent group's Little Red Schoolhouse.
  • The Buzz: Green Groups

    Parent groups across the country are finding creative ways to conserve resources and raise environmental awareness in schools.
  • A Special Day for Grandparents

    Every year, grandparents and other adult friends come from across the country to share the day with students.
  • School Spirit in the Spotlight

    Hundreds of students, parents, and alumni take part in planning or performing in a major variety show event.
  • Halloween Festival Builds Community

    Every October, a 140-student school in Michigan throws a party for a thousand people.
  • PTO Wins With Tournament

    Teams of students compete in a basketball tournament that has become a rallying point for the entire middle school.
  • Create a School Tradition

    Ambitious events build excitement and involvement. They make your PTO look great, too.
  • Organizing a School Fun Run

    Done right, a jogathon can build school spirit while also earning some big bucks.
  • Reward Assembly Stirs Debate

    A fundraising assembly featuring dogs doing tricks spurred months of debate in a southern California community after a mother protested excluding those students who hadn't sold anything.
  • Auction Makeover

    By turning its long-time auction into a more upscale, innovative event, one PTO took profits—and parent enthusiasm—through the roof.
  • McDonald's McTeacher McOK

    Sometimes I just shake my head at the food police.  Sure, there are definitely occasions when marketing to kids and marketing through schools can go too far, but this MD councilman's implied claim that McDonalds McTeacher Nights make kids fat is over-the-top.
  • Goooood Morning, Columbus!

    400 or so of our (new!) close friends are having a great day today in Columbus, Ohio.  It's our first event of the 2008 Expo season. Dozens and dozens of exhibitors, talented entertainers and fun, and PTO Today experts offering insight and answering questions on all of your most vexing PTO challenges.... Great combo.
  • The Disappearing Field Trip

    I suspect field trips might be completely gone by now if not for the work of school PTOs and PTAs.  Keep it up!
  • NC PTO looking to raise funds in new ways.

    Quick story from the Tar Heel State on a PTO looking to repalce traditional fundraisers with more creative efforts
  • Do you really welcome new members and new parents?

    I ran across this video recently and saw such clear connections to our PTO challenges. Reminded me a lot of what I've talked about in my columns and in my PTO Expo keynotes over the years.