Question: Records Retention

Hi! As President of PTO, I am desperately trying to gain control of previous year's paperwork. Do you know what guidelines there are for things like previous year's newletters and flyers? I understand keeping meeting minutes and agendas, but how relevant are some of these other things other than from a historical perspective>

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Things like newsletters and flyers should be kept by individual committee chairs. For example, it would help your new auction chair to see examples of flyers that have been sent out in previous years. That way, she won't have to reinvent the wheel on every step. Have each committee chair and officer create a procedures book -- a binder with pertinent information that will help the next person who takes over the job. As far as what files you must keep, here's an earlier Q&A answer on which records to keep and for how long.

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