Question: PTO Subgroup for 8th grade graduating class

Our school is PreK to 8. The PTO is considering adding the 8th grade graduation class to our group for fundraising, soley fir 8th grade. However, we want to keep both separate. I tried calling IRS and after an hour in hold I was told to look up publication 557 and bunch of other forms. Now I’m more lost then ever. If anyone’s organization does this I would love to know how. Thank you so much!!

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Advice from PTO Today

Liz L writes:
An easier approach if it would work for your group is to have a separate line item in the budget to fun 8th grade activities. This way, the funds would be earmarked for this particular program, much like you would budget for other events, trunk or treat, family movie night, etc.
Good luck.
Liz from PTO Today

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