Question: New inexperienced PTO vice-president.

On my first PTO meeting I was selected VP. The last VP was not returning calls of attending meetings. I am really excited about this, but I have no experience whatsoever. I would like to know what is expected of me (I was told I was going to be the president's sidekick). Also, the president has not contacted me or introduced me to anyone. Next meeting won't be until mid December, so would it be appropriate to introduce myself by email? What kind of information do I need to be brought up to date? Financial records, calendar of events of past and future activities, contact lists, PTO rules, vision? My daughter started this school last week so I really want to start on the right foot with everyone by introducing myself properly and knowing is expected of me. I became a new member to this site, so I think I am on the right track! I appreciate any help.

Asked by mel.dailey



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Hi Mel -- I would definitely recommend introducing yourself by email and stating that you're looking forward to meeting everybody and helping out. You might also check with the president to see if there's a time when the officers are typically at the school so you can meet them in person. Vice presidents typically don't have a lot of defined duties, other than running the meetings in the president's absence and helping out as needed. The article What Does a Vice President Do? might be helpful. I'd also recommend 16 Tips for Executive Board Members. Good luck, and thanks for stepping forward!

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