Question: Should I write bylaws after 3 years?

When I volunteered for the president position I was told they had no bylaws. This is my 4th year and I feel stuck. We have a hard time getting volunteers, much less officers. The same group of us have been togather the whole time. I have 3 more years till my last child moves to middle school. I want to help but tired of being 'in charge'. Should I try to write bylaws at this point? If so should I specify terms?

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Craig writes:
Hi PTO Pres -- Bylaws are definitely important, and they're not that hard to write. Check out the article How To Write PTO Bylaws for tips and links to samples, etc. It sounds like you have another pressing issue, though, and that's how to build better involvement. The way you get somebody ready and willing to succeed you is by moving them up the parent involvement ladder -- that is, moving them gradually from somebody who attends your events to somebody who volunteers to somebody who organizes an event to somebody ready to become an officer. Very few people will go from little or no involvement to being on the board. But if people have a series of positive experiences with your group, it's easier to get them more and more committed. First, of course, you have to get people involved to start with. I have two articles to suggest. 25 Ways To Catch and Keep Volunteers has advice on how to build your volunteer base. 7 Steps To Grow Involvement will help you focus your efforts as you try to get more parents involved. Good luck!

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pac73x writes:
how many members required the bylaws revised committee?

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