Question: Can New Board Remove New Board member?

The current board was voted in. Our bylaws state that the only way to remove a board member is by vote during a general meeting. Board is stating that it is not removal because the board member was incorrectly voted in. Board member has proof of being a member in good standing. Can the new board alter nomination and vote for the board member which occurred during the old board? Everyone was voted in during the same time and everyone is new to the board.

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Not sure what happened here, but there should be a really good reason to get rid of a board member at this point in time. If there is a person who was voted in and wants to do the job, then what is the issue? Keep in mind, it wasn't just the old board that voted in this new board, it was the whole group. So, the current board reflects the group's decision.


Community Advice

kellz007 writes:
Thanks, Rose! This issue has been ongoing since July and it's very draining to the point that I'm considering stepping down. Majority of the board members are saying that it's not removal because the individual should not have been on the ballot and voted it because they were not a member in good standing. The individual refuses to accept that decision and proof of being membership in good standing has been provided. However, majority of board is still not satisfied. The individual is considering legal action.

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