Question: Amend the length of consecutive term in office

I'm the newly appointed VP of our PTO and our bylaws state the term of office is 1 year with no more than 2 consecutive terms in that office. There was no interest from parents to be on the board or come to meetings. Can we amend the term to more consecutive years if no one steps up? I'm going to be at this school for 8 more years and we have to have a PTO.

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Community Advice

mum24kids writes:
We're having that same discussion now, and I think we're leaning towards not changing the bylaws, but still letting one person continue for one more year. There are a lot of "pros" to limiting officers to two years (especially the Treasurer), but sometimes you just can't find anyone else. People are also afraid, though, that if we change our bylaws to allow, say, 3 consecutive terms, we'll scare people off from ever wanting to be nominated. So....our nominating committee just keeps looking, but when election time comes, if we still can't find anyone, they're going to nominate the person who has been in the job for two years already (and who would be happy to continue), and just tell people that when they are voting. I don't know that it's "legal," but if no one else wants to run, they're not going to complain, either.

Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
What's helpful is if the language in the bylaws stipulates terms limits yet uses language that allows for some flexibility should your group be caught in that situation where no one new wants to step up. This way, your bylaws don't need to be changed/amended year-to-year as circumstances change. mum24kids brings up some good points of the benefits to term limits and encouraging the nominating committee to do what it can, then, if all recruitment efforts don't work (and that happens a lot), a current officer can stay on if they choose.

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annetteswitzer writes:
We are currently in the same position. Our bi-laws state that a position is for a 2 year term. We don't have enough volunteers that want to stand up and be on the board. I did a term as VP but we didn't have a president so I had to be acting President as a VP, The following year I was voted in as President. Now, my 2 year term is up, the position of secretary and treasurer are already filled for the following year so there is no where for me to serve. I am an outgoing officer. I am trying to help re-write our bi-laws. I have suggested a one year term as officer with a 2 year consecutive limit. That way if there is more than one person interested in a position, it is available but if not, the current officer can run again.

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