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Whether you're a new leader or a veteran, you'll find tons of ideas and tips for vice presidents in the articles below. Find more helpful tools and info on the Parent Group Vice President resources page.

  • Use PTO Experience To Get a Job - The skills you develop as a parent leader and school volunteer can give you an edge when going back to work.
  • Responding to Criticism - To deal with criticism effectively, leave your emotions out of the conversation.
  • Are You a Leader or a Manager? - Good leadership and effective management call for different skills. Depending on the situation, you'll need to decide which of those skills to employ.
  • Managing Personality Conflicts - Minimize conflict with insight into how different personality styles work best.
  • Three Decisionmaking Methods - These processes for reaching a decision can help parent group leaders get past (or avoid) a stalemate.
  • Public Speaking: Overcome the Jitters - Some advance preparation and a few best practices will help your next presentation go smoothly despite any butterflies.
  • 17 Dos and Don'ts for Presidents - Get off to a fast start and keep the momentum going all year long with our list of essential dos and don'ts for leaders.
  • What Does a Vice President Do? - The vice president’s role is often the least understood, but the office provides a real opportunity for a motivated PTO leader.
  • To Build Support, Celebrate Success - Make publicizing your group's good works and thanking the people who contributed to your success a year-end priority.
  • Measuring Meetings - There are much better ways to gauge the success of your parent group than counting how many seats get filled to go through a monthly agenda.
  • Build a Strong Executive Board - Working to form a cohesive executive board can pay off in long-term success for your parent group.
  • 23 Essential Tips for Presidents - What you should know about your group's finances, how to build a strong executive board, and tips for recruiting committee chairpeople.
  • 16 Tips for Executive Board Members - Doing these simple things will help make you a more effective PTO or PTA board member.
  • The Secret to Successful Leadership - The most overlooked skill—delegation—might just be the best one you'll ever learn.
  • Leadership Is Learning From Others - Valuable lessons are all around if you know where to find them.
  • 10 Mistakes Parent Groups Make - These common problems can undermine your parent group's success. Learn to identify and fix them early.
  • Rate Your Leadership Skills -  Take the quiz to see what your strengths are as a leader and determine which skills could use some work.
  • Chairing a Committee: The Basics - Get organized, get the information you need, find volunteers, and start your committee on a path to success.
  • Balancing PTO and Personal Life - It can be challenging to find balance. But a little strategy, a little organization, and a lot of support from friends and family go a long way.
  • Are You Ready To Lead? - Being an effective parent group leader requires a commitment to the big picture and a willingness to let others help achieve those goals.
  • Quiz: Rate Your Involvement IQ -  See how your group's attitudes and practices for building parent involvement measure up.
  • Successful Meetings: 14 Tips - Done right, meetings help keep the group cohesive and on track. Done wrong, they can become a time pit and involvement killer.
  • You're Elected! Now What? - An overview of what lies ahead for first-time board members, and tips for getting off to a strong start.
  • From Controversy to Consensus - The way you handle the decisionmaking process can determine whether a difficult issue grows into an acrimonious fight.
  • 11 Midyear Problems and Solutions - From low turnout to conflicts with the principal, our PTO answer guide will help make your whole year great.
  • Build Support for New Ideas - When members resist change, reduce the chance of conflict with patience and understanding.
  • Energize Your School - A strong parent group can instill pride, promote a positive attitude, and get parents involved in the school all year long. Follow these tips to help your PTO build—and maintain—school spirit.
  • Energize Your Parent Group -  Tips to build interest and enthusiasm, then keep the momentum going all year long.
  • Visibility: A Leadership Challenge - You've done the work—do people know about it? Getting your group's name and message out to a wide audience, in the right way, is an essential part of success.
  • Create a Mission Statement - Talking clearly and intentionally about group goals can inspire your PTO and help make decisions to achieve them.
  • Polish Your Delegation Skills - Doing it all yourself leads to burnout—and isn't good for your parent group, either.
  • When Conflict Splits Your Group - Ways to prevent controversy from escalating, and how to bring the PTO back together if it already has.
  • Find Your Leadership Style - The best leaders recognize their natural tendencies and use that knowledge to respond appropriately in different situations.

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