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9 years 6 months ago #162413 by Tireless volunteer
Replied by Tireless volunteer on topic Re:2013 ULTIMATE DONATION LIST
Thank you for reposting and updating and thank you to everyone for sharing all of your valuable contacts. I'm just starting in on our auction so I will share when I come up with some new ideas :)
9 years 6 months ago #162414 by Lnver
Replied by Lnver on topic Re:2013 ULTIMATE DONATION LIST
We are a catholic school, and we got Green Mountain last year...for the validating Tax Id, I do the USCC, I got the info from the school, then attach our letter, and the directory. To get the school number to validate I added leading zeros and it worked fine
9 years 6 months ago #162415 by JK
Replied by JK on topic Re:2013 ULTIMATE DONATION LIST
So you added 4 zero's to the 8 digit NCES number? What is the USCC? I thought I knew all the numbers, but that is a new one :)
9 years 6 months ago #162419 by Lynn
Replied by Lynn on topic Re:2013 ULTIMATE DONATION LIST
We tried the zeros before and after the NCES# and it did not work for us. I am interested in learning more about the USCC number you are referring to.
9 years 6 months ago #162424 by traytoo
I just found this amazing web site by chance. Was actually looking something else up.

It is a listing of every single record con[ay's promotion contacts. Their names, phone numbers and mailing address. i know someone in a much earlier was inquiring about reaching recording artists and getting promotional material.

I haven't gotten any responses yet. I just sent out the don't blast me if there isn't a positive response. But, I literally feel like i won the lottery when I found it lol.
9 years 6 months ago #162425 by kkwilkinson0608
Hi there,
I am wondering if someone can help me with my "Stampin up" donation request. I can not for the life of me find the form to fill out online. Is it still an online form or something else?
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