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10 years 5 months ago #164908 by Shaycarter82
Kemba Obryan

Too many to list, thankfully. I purchased an Enjoy The City coupon book and hit up every business in there. Then I just did a walk around to the different plazas.

A lot of them had to go through corporate offices but almost everyone in the Enjoy the city book gave me something even if it was small
10 years 5 months ago #164901 by Kemba Obryan
Replied by Kemba Obryan on topic Re:2013 ULTIMATE DONATION LIST
I'm in Orlando,FL too. What local companies were you able to get donations from?
10 years 5 months ago #164899 by K. Kelly
Replied by K. Kelly on topic Re:2013 ULTIMATE DONATION LIST
In response to the question about Bidding for Good. We're a nonprofit that gets approximately 130 items, and raise about $3500 as our attendee base is not large. So, paying for Bidding for Good was not an option and chose to go with their free version. This has worked fine for us as it allows me to capture donors and donations. We post out the link for advertising, but all bidding and payments are done at the live event. I've not heard many positives about the value associated with the other businesses that they provide as a network for possible donations - based on many posts here, it doesn't look like many get positive results from actually receiving donations.
10 years 5 months ago #164898 by Shaycarter82

My schools specialize in special needs children so maybe they consider that "facing a serious illness"...not sure but for the national ones I have been applying for everything, even if they said they only give to X, Y, Z.

Today I also got $200 from TinyPrints.
10 years 5 months ago #164894 by ptomomof2
Shaycarter82, how did you get a donation from southwest? When I went online today this is what I found that they donated to.
  • Organizations that aid Families Facing Serious Illnesses
  • Programs and organizations that provide support for our Military and their Families when separated by duty
  • Organizations that assist in Disaster Preparedness and Response
  • Programs that foster action and create ideas to benefit our planet
    Can you give me some help? Thanks
10 years 5 months ago #164893 by S
Replied by S on topic Re:2013 ULTIMATE DONATION LIST
Andrea, please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I am in NYC.

"My school is located in Charleston, SC. We are a Catholic K-8 school. We are holding a gala in May 2014. We are able to secure hotels, carriage rides, plantation tours, etc. for our area pretty easily but these are not big bid items for our auction (the "tourist in your own town" does not bring in lots for us historically). I am interested in potentially doing a SWAP with another school in one of the following cities: New York City, San Francisco, Orlando. We are looking for accommodations, tourist attractions tickets, etc. in one of those cities. If you are interested in this please reply with your contact information."
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