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Helpful ideas and tips to get your PTO or PTA in gear for the new school year. See the Back to School resources page for even more tools and programs.

  • Getting (and Staying) Organized - How time-savvy leaders keep track of busy schedules and lengthy to do lists.
  • Classroom Parties Made Easy - Tips for planning fun yet simple classroom celebrations that won't break the bank.
  • Embrace Change While Honoring Group Traditions - "But we've always done it this way!" is a frequent response to new ideas and leadership. Here's how to deal with resistance, and increase the odds of your group's success.
  • What Does a Room Parent Do? - Are you thinking about volunteering as a room parent? Find out what to expect and get some helpful pointers from a veteran room mom.
  • Tips for a Low-Stress School Year - Make it look easy with a little planning and a flexible approach.
  • How To Have a Great First Week - What you do at the start of the school year sets the tone for your group all year long.
  • Create an Effective Parent Handbook - A good handbook can be invaluable to new parents and presents your group as a great resource.
  • How To Create a Welcome Packet - The welcome packet is often the first contact parents have with a PTO. Use these tips to create a great first impression.
  • 5 Don'ts for PTOs and PTAs - Sometimes common practices aren't best practices. We look at five surprising don'ts—including charging dues—that might be hindering your group.
  • Community Night Helps Families Find Resources - Each September, families get a chance to socialize with each other and learn about local organizations and services, too.
  • A Year of Great Ideas - Our parent involvement calendar is full of fun ideas and tips for every month of the school year. Use it to help you plan, or follow it event for event!
  • Robert’s Rules: Sticky Situations - Straight answers to common questions about voting, agendas, and best practices for your meetings.
  • Make Your First Meeting Count - Use these tips to harness the energy of a new year for your PTO and set a positive tone you can build on all year long.
  • Don’t Do It! - Sometimes it's more important to know what not to do. We outline 12 common mistakes PTOs make and offer positive alternatives.
  • Raise School Spirit and Keep It There! - Inspiring a sense of pride in the school community can get students more engaged and parents more involved.
  • Planning a PTO Community Service Project - How to choose and run a meaningful service project that reaches beyond the school doors.
  • Plan Ahead for PTO Success - Think beyond your next project with these practical tips for developing new parent group leaders, setting and reaching goals, and anticipating your school community's needs.
  • Make It an A+ Year! - PTOs can make even more of a difference for schools with good planning, good communication, and a focus on building student achievement.
  • 13 Things To Do This Year - Get out your to do list and add these items to build involvement and strengthen your group.
  • We've Got You Covered - Our goal: creating solutions to deal with all of the challenges your parent group might face.
  • Create a School Tradition - Ambitious events build excitement and involvement. They make your PTO look great, too.
  • 16 Ideas for Quick and Easy Events - With a little creativity, you can plan activities that strengthen the school community without breaking the bank or exhausting your volunteers.
  • Think Big, Get Big - Launching an ambitious project can rally support for your group and enhance your image.
  • Create an Effective Survey - Gathering feedback from parents and teachers can help build support for your programs. These tips will help you create a survey and evaluate the results.
  • Chairing a Committee: The Basics - Get organized, get the information you need, find volunteers, and start your committee on a path to success.
  • Empowering Committee Chairs - A formal orientation for committee leaders puts veterans and newcomers alike on equal footing, and gets everyone on the same page.
  • Open Doors, Lots of Them - It's important to make it as easy as possible for parents to get involved. Are you doing all you can?
  • Sign Fairy Eases First-Day Jitters - The message is clear: She makes new students feel welcome.
  • Get the Principal on Your Side - The right—and wrong—ways to build communication with school administrators.
  • Energize Your Parent Group -  Tips to build interest and enthusiasm, then keep the momentum going all year long.
  • Build Support for New Ideas - When members resist change, reduce the chance of conflict with patience and understanding.
  • Energize Your School - A strong parent group can instill pride, promote a positive attitude, and get parents involved in the school all year long. Follow these tips to help your PTO build—and maintain—school spirit.
  • 26 Ways To Build Involvement - Getting more parents to participate is as easy as A, B, C when you follow this list of best practices.
  • Create a Mission Statement - Talking clearly and intentionally about group goals can inspire your PTO and help make decisions to achieve them.
  • 38 Ideas To Start the Year Right - From getting organized to getting to know the school's families, a great year for the parent group starts with some advance planning.
  • Get Teachers on Your Side - Capture your teachers' hearts—and their help—with a focus on curriculum, classroom tools, communication, and appreciation.
  • Pool Party's a Splash - A back-to-school pool party sets the tone by emphasizing involvement and providing a relaxed setting for parents to interact.
  • 9 Stress-Busting Organization Tips - A little planning and organization now will help you breathe easy the whole year through.
  • Orienting New Members - Help newbies hit the ground running by creating a welcoming atmosphere and giving them the opportunity and information they need to be able to contribute right away.
  • Reaching Out to New Parents - It takes a special effort to attract parents new to the school; a good first impression will make them more likely to become active members of your PTO.

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